Episode 117

Ambition vs Greed [E117]

Matt Fanslow dives into personal territory, discussing his father's health and the impact it has had on his perspective. He reflects on the changing nature of his aspirations and the delicate balance between pursuing goals and being thankful for current blessings.

Show Notes with Timestamps

  • Father's Health Update (00:00:12) Matt discusses his father's health, including his assisted living, heart condition, and recovery.
  • Changing Hopes and Wishes (00:02:34) Matt reflects on how his hopes and desires for his father's recovery have evolved over time.
  • Gratitude vs. Ambition (00:06:36) Matt compares changing expectations for his father's recovery to the balance between gratitude and ambition in professional and personal life.
  • Appreciating What You Have (00:10:28) Matt emphasizes the importance of appreciating one's current situation and the value of gratitude in both personal and professional aspects of life.
  • Striving for Better (00:14:14) Matt discusses the balance between striving for improvement and greed, emphasizing the importance of shared ambitions and continuous improvement.
  • Reflection and Appreciation (00:18:20) Matt reflects on the need to appreciate the blessings in life while continuing to push for improvement.

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Matt Fanslow

Matt Fanslow is the diagnostic tech/shop manager at Riverside Automotive in Red Wing, MN. His primary responsibilities are to diagnose driveability and electrical/electronic issues, and perform most all programming, coding, initializing, adoptions, etc. Basically, if it needs to be figured out or has wires, it goes to Matt.

He’s been a tech since 1996. Matt is also a subject matter expert for ASE and has instructed at Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo. Matt has participated on 18 ASE technical committees for the ASE Practice Test, A6, A7, A8, and L1 tests. He’s also done case studies for Standard Motor Products. Fanslow’s goal is to do everything in his power to improve the overall level of professionalism within the automotive and light truck repair trade and also raise the level of its public image.