Episode 106

Kitchen Nightmares with Carm Capriotto [E106]

Drawing an unexpected parallel between the automotive and food industry, it comes down to maintaining quality and ensuring customer satisfaction. Tune in or watch as a video podcast on YouTube, as Matt Fanslow and Carm Capriotto compare the struggles of a restaurant owner and a shop owner as they watch 'Kitchen Nightmares 2023 Season 1 Episode 2.'

Show Notes

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  • Watching "Kitchen Nightmares" (00:02:06) Discussion about watching the show "Kitchen Nightmares 2023 Season 1 Episode 2 with Gordon Ramsey" and the parallels between the food industry and the repair profession.
  • The owner's emotional struggle (00:05:04) Analysis of the owner's emotional struggle and the importance of using emotions to make necessary changes in the business.
  • The importance of focusing on the fundamentals (00:07:31
  • The customer's perspective and the importance of quality (00:09:00) How the customer's perspective and experience are crucial in determining the success of a business. T
  • The need for effective communication and leadership (00:10:42) The importance of effective communication and leadership within a business.
  • The technician shortage (00:14:44) Discussion on the difficulty of finding good technicians and the impact of a toxic work environment.
  • The importance of customer satisfaction (00:17:10) Drawing parallels between the restaurant industry and the automotive industry in terms of the impact of negative customer experiences.
  • The poor attention to detail and lack of caring (00:22:10) The issue of using cheap and low-quality parts in the automotive industry, leading to potential problems and customer dissatisfaction.
  • The struggle with pricing and gross profit (00:22:52)
  • The importance of systems and processes in running a successful business (00:25:54
  • The challenges of running a business (00:29:26) Discussion about the assumption that business owners are always successful and the high failure rate of businesses in the first few years.
  • The importance of attention to detail (00:29:52) Exploration of the need for business owners to pay attention to every aspect of their business, including delegated responsibilities like executive chef or service advisor.
  • The need for proper tools and communication (00:30:46) Highlighting the importance of providing the necessary tools and resources for employees to do their jobs effectively and the need for open communication between owners and employees.
  • The pressure of handling daily challenges (00:36:24) Discussion on the pressure that technicians face in handling daily challenges and how it affects their performance.
  • The impact of coaching and consulting in the food service business (00:38:28) Exploration of the growth of coaching, consulting, mentoring, and networking in the food service industry and how it helps businesses improve and succeed.

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He’s been a tech since 1996. Matt is also a subject matter expert for ASE and has instructed at Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo. Matt has participated on 18 ASE technical committees for the ASE Practice Test, A6, A7, A8, and L1 tests. He’s also done case studies for Standard Motor Products. Fanslow’s goal is to do everything in his power to improve the overall level of professionalism within the automotive and light truck repair trade and also raise the level of its public image.