Episode 93

Compare "The Bear" with Carm Capriotto [E093]

Matt Fanslow is joined by Remarkable Results Radio Host, Carm Capriotto to discuss the TV show "The Bear" and its relevance to their experiences in the automotive industry. They highlight character development, the challenges of running a business, and the importance of purpose in driving actions. They also discuss the significance of uniforms, creating a positive service experience, and the need for respect and professionalism in the industry. They reflect on the transformation of characters in the show and how it relates to their own industry. Overall, they find the TV show relatable to their own experiences and encourage listeners to watch it for inspiration and self-improvement.

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  • The relevance of "The Bear" TV show (00:00:43) Discussion about the show "The Bear" and its resonance with their experiences in the automotive industry.
  • Parallel between small hobbyist shop and top-tier shop (00:04:33
  • The importance of purpose in the show (00:05:42) Highlighting the significance of purpose as a central theme in the show, particularly in season two.
  • The evolution of Carmy as an owner (00:09:03
  • The importance of discipline and customer service (00:11:01) Observations on the discipline and customer service practices showcased in the TV show "The Bear" and how they can be applied to running a better automotive repair show
  • Providing exceptional service experience (00:17:12) Realizing that fixing the car right the first time is not enough.
  • Creating meaning in uniforms (00:19:14) Exploring ways to give uniforms meaning and recognition, similar to the chef jacket in the show "Bar Rescue."
  • The Bear transformation (00:24:03) Discussion about the transformation of "The Bear" restaurant and its impact on the main character's life.
  • Unreasonable Hospitality book (00:25:20) Mention of the book "Unreasonable Hospitality" and its relevance to the automotive industry.
  • Creating a memorable customer experience (00:28:03) Exploration of how top restaurants and shops create a memorable customer experience and the importance of cleanliness, integrity, and respect.
  • The grind of starting a business (00:31:44
  • The success and redemption of Richie (00:32:41) Talking about Richie's journey and growth as a chef in the TV show "The Bear."
  • The importance of respect in the industry (00:35:48) Exploring the need for mutual respect and professionalism in the automotive industry.
  • Marcus learns from Lucas, a renowned pastry chef (00:39:45) Marcus goes to England to work with Lucas and learns about the importance of hard work and dedication in becoming a skilled chef.
  • Inspiration and growth in the automotive industry (00:41:51) Discussion about the inspiration and growth of individuals in the automotive industry, with examples of John Thornton and Eric Ziegler.
  • The importance of quality parts and equipment (00:46:38) Discussion on the parallels between a high-quality restaurant and an auto repair shop, emphasizing the need for skilled technicians and reliable parts and equipment.
  • The consequences of cutting corners (00:48:16) Exploration of how taking shortcuts and using cheap parts can lead to negative outcomes for repair shops, including warranty issues and loss of customers.
  • The significance of clean books and legitimate business practices (00:49:01) Highlighting the importance of maintaining clean financial records and operating a legitimate business to achieve success.
  • Seeing personal growth in employees (00:55:07) The satisfaction of witnessing employees embrace the company's philosophy and grow personally.
  • Appreciating the industry (00:55:48) Encouragement to watch "The Bear" and appreciate the relatable material, leading to personal and professional growth.
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