Episode 18

Dutch Silverstein - Straight Talk to Technicians [E018]

Matt Fanslow and shop owner Dutch Silverstein speaks to techs about Jobs, Wages, and Opportunity

  • You need a record of your achievements
  • Technicians need to show up on time for work, 15 minutes early
  • Have very few comebacks
  • You are reliable.
  • Know their production numbers
  • If they go shopping for a job, be able to substantiate to their new employer their productivity numbers
  • Ask prospective employer and see proof of production hour opportunities
  • Significant other: dinner with and a shop tour
  • A technician should have his attendance ready to show the prospective new employer
  • The intangibles are you're going to be increasing shop performance, increasing shop.  Standing in the community. And so far as reputation, the tangibles are basically the hours that you're going to turn, that you're going to prove that's going to result in more money if you're not willing to address both of those things.
  • The tangibles are basically the hours that you're going to turn, that you're going to prove that's going to result in more money if you're not willing to address both of those things.   
  • Often can knock back 60, 65 hours a week. That's great. That's wonderful. Be willing to show pay stubs to prove that.
  • Trust is earned
  • Owners should do reconnaissance to find top techs
  • If you had to get your car fixed where would you take it or have it serviced
  • Do you know if a shop is focusing on:
  • Transactional vs Relationship business
  • Advocacy vs salesmanship
  • Volume-based vs one that isn’t
  • Car count or average repair order
  • You should ask what the gross margin is on labor in the shop along with the posted rates
  • Not hard to figure back if you can fit into the shop’s wage scale
  • You should ask about the marketplace they pull customers from
  • The research should already be done to discover the average income level. That will help prospect understand the labor rate    
  • Ask to see work orders to see what type of work they are doing and the hours per RO
  • How many hours are your techs turning per day? The owner should have average RO
  • Is the shop busy?
  • How is the shop equipped?
  • Do they do training?
  • Is there high turnover?
  • How long have your techs been there?
  • When leaving your current shop to go to work for Shop ‘B’ and your current employer will match your offer, don’t get righteous indignation until you understand the facts (reasons) behind the offer.
  • Understand what the owner is going through and talk as civil people
  • Today technicians have leverage
  • Know where you are based on common numbers. What is your value?
  • Dutch believes there needs to be a concerted campaign
  • This is not your dad's Oldsmobile. You’ve got to be smart to repair today’s vehicles
  • Being a technician is not a consolation prize
  • There have to be practical tests
  • Standard set and need to be met
  • Side work should stop to make room for better pay
  • Unfortunately auto repair is a commodity
  • Can you afford ADAS equipment
  • Can you afford to hire rock star technicians
  • Stop the march to the bottom
  • Techs can earn what they want to earn if they know how to ask for it, to receive the value. Techs have to know the numbers so they have a better understanding of their place in the shop and the market

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