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Mental Health with Haakan Light - Matt Fanslow Diagnosing the Aftermarket A - Z [E011]

Matt and Haakan Light, from Garage Gurus, are not providing medical remedies or solutions nor are they qualified to give out any medical advice.

  • A very serious topic for everyone in the aftermarket
  • Somewhere in the neighborhood, one in five and one in four adults have mental health issues or concerns and are going undiagnosed and untreated.
  • Concussions can cause issues with mood.
  • We’ve seen this amplified in professional sports like football
  • These types of injuries can be cumulative (Head Injuries)
  • Head injuries take away from your resistance
  • There are alternative treatments
  • Find an adaptive strategy for your mental health
  • Exercise is good to improve your mental health
  • Anxiety and mental health are related
  • Talk therapy is an option
  • The key is to connect with the therapist. Finding the right fit.
  • They can give you tools but you need to take the responsibility
  • Like addiction, you have to decide
  • The tool truck can give you a tool, but you need to use it to have value to you.
  • Stress and anxiety can come from the challenges at work.
  • Fixing people and fixing cars can have parallels.
  • Deep breath in front of a customer may have them calm down. Like the yawn response.
  • Many people in your world may be struggling with mental health and/or anxiety issues
  • Get help from NAMI.com    National Alliance on Mental Health Issues
  • Don’t fear being alone
  • Cranial Electro Stimulation worked for Haakan

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Matt Fanslow

Matt Fanslow is the diagnostic tech/shop manager at Riverside Automotive in Red Wing, MN. His primary responsibilities are to diagnose driveability and electrical/electronic issues, and perform most all programming, coding, initializing, adoptions, etc. Basically, if it needs to be figured out or has wires, it goes to Matt.

He’s been a tech since 1996. Matt is also a subject matter expert for ASE and has instructed at Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo. Matt has participated on 18 ASE technical committees for the ASE Practice Test, A6, A7, A8, and L1 tests. He’s also done case studies for Standard Motor Products. Fanslow’s goal is to do everything in his power to improve the overall level of professionalism within the automotive and light truck repair trade and also raise the level of its public image.